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Are You  looking for henna artists for large events in Cebu?

If so, then you are on the right track.

Our henna services are for all types of events Like corporate events, festivals Specially Sinulog,  or even group of friends Etc.
Our team have more than year of experience  doing henna, So we make designs without catalogs that’s what they called freestyle design

and it’s quick to do, Since we are highly skilled Artists we can assure you the good and quality of our service. 

We offer the best realistic henna tattoo in cebu just to get you satisfied see the

difference among the others. Every "Sinulog" festival in cebu  people are lining up and

paying for this kind of trend every sinulog as part of festival new tradition.

This kind of art has been popular now maybe because its fun to have temporary tattoo on

their skin and of course it's washable and  it could only last for about several weeks and i think this is good also for  any

occasions like birthday, party , beach party and so on. It was really fun. If you do not try yet just try there's no risk on your skin

its safe and sound. I have guide here on how to get good result just go to the links above and read my  tips for

your guide. have fun having temporary tattoo be fashionable it's glorious , unique and artistic.

Colon st. Cebu City
Colon st. Cebu City
CEBU, 7 6000